DaLi - Dynamic Logic: new trends and applications


Day One 23/09/17



9:00 9:10 Openning


9:10 10:00 Vaughan Pratt  Dynamic Logic: A personal perspective


10:00 10:30 Philippe Balbiani and Joseph Boudou. Axiomatization and computability of a variant of iteration-free PDL with fork


10:30 11:00 Coffe Break


11:00 11:30 Helle Hvid Hansen, Clemens Kupke, Johannes Marti and Yde Venema.      Parity Games and Automata for Game Logic


11:30 12:00 Luis Barbosa.      Layered logics, coalgebraically


12:00 12:30 Jos Luiz Fiadeiro, Ionut Tutu, Antnia Lopes and Dusko Pavlovic.   Logics for Actor Networks: a case study in constrained hybridization


12:30 14:00 Lunch


14:00 14:50 IS Hermann TBA


14:50 15:10  Fabricio Chalub, Alexandre Rademaker, Edward Hermann Haeusler and Christiano Braga  Fixing the proof of completeness of ALC Sequent Calculus


15:10 15:30 Luiz Carlos Pereira Constructive fragments of Classical Modal Logic and the Ecumenical Perspective      


15:30 16:00 Coffe Break


16:00 16:30 Raul Fervari and Fernando R. Velzquez-Quesada.    Dynamic Epistemic Logics of Introspection


16:30 17:00 Yuri David Santos. A Dynamic Informational-Epistemic Logic


17:00 17:30 Marlo Souza, Alvaro Moreira and Renata Vieira.     Dynamic Preference Logic as a logic of Belief Change



Day Two 23/09/17


9:00 9:10 Annoucements


9:10 10:00 IS Alexandru Baltag TBA

10:00 10:30 Carlos Areces, Raul Fervari, Guillaume Hoffmann and Mauricio Martel.  Undecidability of Relation-Changing Modal Logics


10:30 11:00 Coffe Break


11:00 11:30 Sonja Smets and Fernando R. Velzquez-Quesada. The Creation and Change of Social Networks: a logical study based on group size


11:30 11:50 Konstantinos Gkikas and Alexandru Baltag.   Stable beliefs and conditional probability spaces


11:50 12:10 Daniel Figueiredo and Manuel A. Martins.  Bisimulations for reactive frames


12:10 12:30  Sophie Pinchinat and Franois Schwarzentruber. The Hintikkas world Project


12:30 14:00 Lunch


14:00 14:30 Sophie Pinchinat, Francois Schwarzentruber and Tristan Charrier.       Model checking against arbitrary public announcement logic: A   first-order-logic prover approach for the existential fragmente


14:30 14:50  Carlos Tavares  Towards a quantum-probabilistic dynamic logic


14:50 15:10 Leandro Gomes.  Contract-based design for software verification


15:10 15:30 Diego Fernandes Expressiveness comparisons of modal logics


15:30 16:00 Coffe Break


16:00 16:30 Alexandru Baltag, Nina Gierasimczuk, Ana Lucia Vargas, Aybuke zgn and Sonja Smets.  A Dynamic Logic for Learning Theory


16:30 17:00 Closing